What is The Anti-Cloud Service?

The Anti-Cloud Service is an umbrella suite of unique services that secures, protects and allows you to physically take sole control of your data, both real-time and stored.  It consists of the following services:

  • Anti-cloud: Backup & Restore
  • Anti-cloud: Rapid Recovery
  • Anti-cloud: V-LAN
  • Anti-cloud: EPICC(EPICC)
  • Anti-cloud: Secure-Connect
  • Anti-cloud: Immediate Recovery

How does the The Anti-Cloud Service work?

The Anti-Cloud Service provides an end-to-end multi-layered encrypted connection over the Internet, between your Local Server or PC and your Anti-Cloud Hard Drive(s) — that you own — securely hosted in our EMP hardened, underground, Certified Data Center.

The Anti-Cloud Service’s Data Center is safe from natural disasters, on a separate power grid from any Major Metro Area and connected to multiple 100 Gbps Internet Fiber Circuits with physically diverse routes.

The Anti-Cloud Service protects against Ransomware and MITM attacks!

The Anti-Cloud Service, as compared to Clouds (all Cloud Providers), is the only data backup service that doesn't charge for data storage or data transfer!

The Anti-Cloud Service is a fraction of the cost of the Clouds!

Some fundamental differences between The Anti-Cloud Service and Clouds are as follows:

The Anti-Cloud Service is a closed system – it creates a secure connection between the Anti-Cloud Client Software on your Server or PC and your Anti-Cloud Hard Drive(s) in our Secure Data Center that can only be accessed from that Server or PC, whereas the Clouds Services are accessible through a Web Browser Log In that is open to the world, with all of the Clouds Client’s User/Password information connected to it through a Database.

Your data in the Clouds is spread across shared drives that you cannot own or ever have access to, unlike the The Anti-Cloud Service, where your Data is stored on your own Anti-Cloud Hard Drives that you control.  If your data in the Clouds was accessible on a drive, it would be in an incompatible format, such as RAID, etc., which would be unusable as an external drive on your Server or PC.  With the The Anti-Cloud Service your Anti-Cloud Hard Drives are usable as External Drives on either your Server or PC.

Some important benefits of The Anti-Cloud Service vs. Clouds
The Anti-Cloud


You control your data.  It is stored only on your own Anti-Cloud Hard Drives (in our secure data center) – only you have access to your data:

Two dedicated mirrored hard drives per client [included as part of Anti-Cloud: Backup & Restore]:

Know the exact physical location of your data & Anti-Cloud Hard Drives:

Secure connection over the Internet to your own Anti-Cloud Hard Drives:

Fixed-rate billing – you are not charged per amount of data transferred or stored:

Free unlimited user connections per hard drive: ?
Your Data and Metadata is not used, sold and/or shared with any third party: ?
No deletion of data
If service is discontinued for any reason (including non-payment), your Anti-Cloud Hard Drives are shipped to you using Next-Day Delivery:

(Your data is never deleted)

(View Cloud Backup Deletion Terms)