Welcome to the Anti-Cloud Support Page. Here you can find a Troubleshooting Guide, helpful and informative Resources, FAQ’s and How To Guides.

If you require further assistance please login to the customer portal, go to the Contact tab and open a ticket. You may also the use the contact information listed below.


Anti-Cloud Backup & Restore is compliant with security standards, cloud data protection and data encryption standards. Our Data Center has SSAE 18 & SOC 2 Certification.

Our Data Center is a 300,000 square foot facility that was built by the Electric Company as a purpose-built Data Center that has 8 Megawatts of Power, with A, B & C Dry Cells that can run the whole Data Center for hours and Diesel Generators that kick in after 15 seconds, which can run the whole facility for two weeks.  The 911 Center for the County is on Ground Level and we are second in line to get refueled after the Hospital.

Our Data Center has 700 rack spaces, raised floors, halon and biometric security access, with seven layers of security!  We also have full underground Disaster Recovery Facilities (Kitchen, Showers, Beds, etc.) in case of emergency.

At full capacity our Data Center holds nearly 12 Exabytes (in other words, 12 million Terabytes) of storage!

We work with customers to identify and provide application-only finance options suitable for their requirements. We currently have two levels:

  • Up to $250,000

    For MSPs with service orders in this range, CIT Bank offers financing which customers can apply for at the point of checkout, or directly through this form.

  • Larger amounts

    For service orders that exceed $250,000 (up to $1,250,000), we have made arrangements with Fidelity Capital to handle financing. Please fill out and submit the vendor application form to begin the process.

A 30-day trial of Anti-Cloud: Backup & Restore can be arranged through one of our Sales Representatives. Once you receive an authorization code, you will be able to place a trial order.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Installing the Anti-Cloud: Backup & Restore client requires a desktop PC running Windows 10 or higher or a server running Windows Server 2016 or higher.

Issue: One of the most common problems in setting up Anti-Cloud Portal is that the two Anti-Cloud Portal daemons on either side of the connection are unable to establish a TCP or UDP connection with each other. This is usually the result of: A perimeter firewall on the network is filtering the port you are connecting through – ensure the perimeter firewall allows outgoing and incoming packets on your port number. This number can be found in your Anti-Cloud configuration file, but if you have problems with that, please contact support.

Solution: Windows firewall is blocking access for your port number, or for the Anti-CloudPortal.exe binary – ensure the Windows firewall allows the Anti-CloudPortal.exe (see FAQ 1). Third party security program is blocking access to the Anti-CloudPortal.exe binary – allow an exception for the Anti-CloudPortal.exe binary (C:\Program Files\AntiCloudPortal\bin\AntiCloud-gui.exe). Make sure your port number is allowed through for both incoming and outgoing packets.

Issue: Once connected, you find that you can no longer access the internet or any other machine within your local network. This is due to both the Anti-Cloud network and your home network being configured with the same IP address space.

Solution: Contact support to have your Anti-Cloud network address space be re-assigned a new number that does not conflict with your local network.

Additional issues and their solutions can be found in our detailed Troubleshooting Guide.

Contact Support

For general issues using or setting up The Anti-Cloud Service, please review the resources above.  If an issue cannot be resolved using those resources, please contact support by the phone number or the e-mail listed below.

☎ 484-258-9222
✉ support@myanti.cloud