The Anti-Cloud Service

The Anti-Cloud Service is an umbrella suite of unique services that secures, protects and allows you to physically take control of your data, both real-time and stored.  It consists of the following services:


Anti-cloud: Backup & Restore

The Anti-Cloud Service provides the ability for you to manage and schedule your data backups, both files and whole system images that can be used to recover any system that is being backed up.

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  • Fast File Recovery – quickly restore any lost or corrupted file or revert to a previous version.
  • Fixed-rate billing – you are not charged per amount of data transferred or stored.
  • Free unlimited user connections per hard drive.
  • Unlimited users for most backup features. Backup of Microsoft Office 365 data included for 20 users. Additional users may be added for $3 per month, per user.
  • 5 year hard drive warranty and free drive replacement if a drive fails. If both drives fail at same time we will pay for a 3rd party data recovery service.

As part of ordering The Anti-Cloud Service we provide you with the address of our Data Center, where your Anti-Cloud Hard Drives will be located, in an “Account Created E-mail” that is sent to you after finalizing your Anti-Cloud Service Order. When your Anti-Cloud Hard Drives are installed in one of our storage devices, and ready for service activation, we provide you with an “Activation E-mail”.  At that time, the serial numbers of your Anti-Cloud Hard Drives will be listed in your Anti-Cloud Customer Portal. The Activation E-mail will include The Anti-Cloud Service software installation package. By clicking on the link provided in the e-mail, and following the steps indicated in the pop-ups, The Anti-Cloud Service will automatically connect your Server or PC, that it is installed on, with your Anti-Cloud Hard Drives.

Backup Options

Files & Folders Backup

Files & Folders

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Disk Image Backup

Disk Images

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Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Hyper-V Backup

Microsoft Hyper-V

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Microsoft Exchange Backup

Microsoft Exchange Servers

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Windows System Server State

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Windows System Backup

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Microsoft SQL Server Backup

Microsoft SQL Server

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MySQL Backup


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MongoDB Backup


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Application-Aware VM Backup

Application-Aware VM Backup

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Microsoft Exchange Backup

Program Output

Tech Specs

To order replacement and/or additional Anti-cloud Hard Drives for existing Anti-cloud Services, please contact sales.

ICB (Individual Case Basis): Larger-capacity Anti-cloud Storage Solutions; SED, FIPS & WORM hard drives; Private Fiber Connections to our Data Center; complete on-site Disaster Recovery Facilities — e-mail our sales department for details.

The Anti-cloud: Management Interface

For MSPs who provide Anti-cloud: Backup & Restore to multipe clients, the Anti-cloud: Management Interface provides an indispensible overview of the service across all client installations — a single, convenient location to monitor and manage backups.


Anti-cloud: Immediate Recovery

in development Anti-cloud: Immediate Recovery provides an on-site failover server for the fastest recovery possible of your whole LAN Environment.


Anti-cloud: Rapid Recovery

in development Anti-cloud: Rapid Recovery provides a fast recovery option if your Server or PC stops working for any reason. Rapid Recovery provides a VM on another Anti-Cloud Hard Drive, that you own, as a target for the Anti-Cloud: Backup & Restore to use as a Recovery Point. Because this is done internally, within The Anti-Cloud Service’s Systems, the process takes place at 10 GBps speed! For instance, a 1TB Hard Drive can be restored in about an hour!

Remote VLAN can be used not only when there is a server or PC failure, but also as a separate service.


Anti-cloud: SG-LAN (Secure Global LAN)

The Anti-Cloud SG-LAN allows for a VLAN to be set-up and used within a Rapid Recovery Hard Drive VM, so that it will emulate the LAN Environment and functionality of your Physical Office and provide protection for your real-time data.


Anti-cloud: EPICC (EPICC)

coming soon Our EPICC (Enhanced Productivity Integrated Communications Center) Service is an all-in-one solution for your office's Communication and IT needs. It provides a complete Group Collaboration Suite that includes the following:

Group Collaboration
  • Secure Video Conference
  • Screen Share
  • Presence
  • Chat
  • White Board
  • File Share
  • Project Management
  • Shared Calendar
  • Shared Tasks
  • Shared Contacts
  • Timesheet
  • Kanban
  • Document Management
  • Open Source Office Suite
  • Help Desk
  • CRM
  • E-mail Server and Spam Filter
  • Full Featured IP PBX

The Anti-cloud: EPICC Service is provided on a VM, in an Anti-Cloud Hard Drive that you own, within our secure Data Center.  All of your Real-Time Data, such as Video Conferencing, Chat (SMS), Telephony, etc., will be kept secure within your own Anti-Cloud Hard Drive.


Anti-cloud: Secure-Connect

in development Anti-cloud: Secure-Connect is a Network Framework (NF) as a Service (NFaaS) that provides an Optimized Secure Data Transport Service over the Public Internet and optimizes Secure Data Services as part of all of the Anti-Cloud Services. It consists of the following items and capabilities:

  • Pre-Registered Client Software that will be able to call home & connect, in place of a VPN or SDP (Software Defined Perimeter), as a Point to Point (P2P) [with the ability to be a simultaneous Point to Multi-Point] Mesh, Ad Hoc, Secure Network over the Public Internet, with the ability to have a Remote VLAN included as a target, along with Containers and VMs as meeting places where Applications are able to be run and be used, with each User being able to control locally their access to other Users, VLANs, Containers and VMs within the NF.
  • The NF’s will have Access Control Servers (ACS) within our Secure Anti-Cloud Data Center which will help with Authentication/Communication between Users and NF’s. Within our Data Center, where everything is siloed, with no access, we have locked down any lateral exposure or movement between servers, etc. within the Data Center.
  • We do not have access to our Client’s Data, even at Root. All Client Data will always be encrypted within the Network, Compute and Storage components of our Anti-Cloud Service.

Anti-cloud: Secure-Connect maximizes throughput over any Public Internet Connection. It is able to run at 10 Gbps+ symmetric bandwidth speeds, if they are available over the whole connection.